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Virtual ☕️ Chats without all the back and forth.

Create your profile and sync your calendars with Google.

Share your profile and people can pick a time you're available.

An invite is added to Google Calendar with a Google Meet link for video chatting.

Yes, it's that simple!

How Coffee Chats works

Create Your Profile

Sign in with Google to create your free profile. Sync your Google Calendars, choose what hours you're free, and Coffee Chats will take care of the rest to determine when you're free.

Share Your Profile

Let others know you're up for virtual coffee chats by sharing your profile page with your friends and network. They will then book a free time on your calendar.

Effortless Scheduling

Coffee chats are added to both Google Calendars and include a Google Meet link for video chatting. Upgrade to Premium to unlock even more features

Making Virtual ☕️ Chat Scheduling Easier For People At

Why Virtual Coffee Chats

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