Accept Payment for Your Chats

Whether you're a consultant growing a business or you're looking to raise money for a specific charity, Coffee Chats integrates with Stripe to provide secure, effortless billing, allowing you to charge for your coffee chats.

How Charging for Chats Works

Connect Your Profile With Stripe

Once you've upgraded your Coffee Chat profile to Premium, you can connect your profile with Stripe--the payment platform used by startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Set Your Rate & Add A Message

Set the amount you'd like to charge per chat and add a message to your users that shares payment details and/or your refund policy. Then, when guests book chats with you, they'll be charged your rate before an event is scheduled.

Make More & Charge Less With Coffee Chats

Coffee Chats has no platform fees*, which means you'll make more than those other platforms, and your guests are charged less.

Here is an example of a $130 chat on Coffee Chats versus other platforms.

Platform Your rate Guests pay Processing fees Your payout
Coffee Chats $130 $130 -$4.07 $125.93
Superpeer $130 $130+20 -$20 $130 $130 $130 -$19.50 $110.50
*A 2.9% + 30ยข USD credit card processing fee is applied before payouts.

Let Friends & Family Book Time For Free

Rather than make two accounts--one to charge and one for free bookings--you can make promo codes with your Premium account so you can collect payment from your clients but also use Coffee Chats to plan events with friends or family.