How this Googler helps others jump start their careers with virtual coffee chats

Chris uses Coffee Chats to help others with career challenges and accepts payments for chats to raises money for charities.

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On A Mission To Help Others With Their Careers

Chris Tung is currently the Global CRM Lead for Google Nest, Pixel, and Chromecast and has been working in tech for over 10 years. He uses Coffee Chats to have virtual coffee chats with people all over the world to help them with their careers with anything from how to get your first phone screen to how to negotiate your salary. He has helped people land jobs at Google, Doordash, Amazon, and more.

As someone who was a non-technical English major and made it to Amazon and Google through the help of others, he knows first hand the power of mentorship and now uses his knowledge of working in tech to pay it forward and help others break in.

"I've been blessed to have so many great mentors so I wanted to find a way to pay it forward and help others with their careers by hosting virtual coffee chats. But, Calendly was too impersonal, and I wanted my own personally branded website."

Chris Tung

Why Chris Uses Coffee Chats?

Before Coffee Chats, Chris tried hosting his virtual coffee chats using a mixture of LinkedIn, Calendly, Instagram, and Buy Me a Coffee. This was painful for both him and those who needed help.

With Coffee Chats, Chris easily created his personally branded website that gives his guests more information about him, the ability to select a topic they want to chat about, and an effortless way for someone to book time with him without the back and forth over email.

And, when Chris wanted to help more people by donating the money sent to him with virtual coffees, he easily could do this by connecting Stripe to his Coffee Chats website. Now, people can easily give Chris a money for a virtual coffee. The money is direct deposited to Chris's bank account, and he donates the money to help charities like Stop AAPI Hate and Black Girls Code.

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