How this Product Manager launched his coaching business with Coffee Chats

Daniel uses Coffee Chats to help others get unstuck in their job or career.

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Helping Others Get Unstuck

Daniel Lu is a group product manager at Dropbox who was previously at companies like Intuit and Evernote. He is passionate about coaching and mentoring and has worked with a broad set of experience levels, from first time product managers to mid-career designers to managers.

Given this wealth of experience, Daniel decided to help others outside of his immediate network with breaking into product management, getting promoted, and teaching others how to say no (nicely).

"I've been using a mix of tools to run my mentorship sessions, but Coffee Chats was the easiest way for me to connect my Google Calendar so that people could book time with me. I also like that I can easy update my website with their no-code tool and getting paid is very easy."

Daniel Lu

Why Daniel Uses Coffee Chats?

Before Coffee Chats, Chris used Calendly to handle scheduling, but he was unable to try out charging for meetings without upgrading to a paid account.

Once Daniel started using Coffee Chats, he was able to get the same easy calendaring functionality as Calendly, but he was able to charge for chats right away without upgrading. Also, with the ability to customize his website, he could include links to his other websites with one of the simple templates built by Coffee Chats.

Now, Daniel has upgraded to Coffee Chats Premium so he can add further customizations like adding custom questions, custom HTML, and more.

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