How this UC Davis student helps others students across the nation

Jennifer uses Coffee Chats to help other college students with transitioning from high school to college.

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A Student Helping Other Students

Jennifer is currently a student at the University of California, Davis studying English, Economics, and Asian American Studies. Jennifer has been heavily involved in the school's Student Recruitment and Retention Center as an administrative intern for campus visits and the Southeast Asian community.

After seeing so many first year students express confusion and frustration with starting their college career online during COVID, Jennifer has proactively offered her time to speak to younger students who may not be familiar with different resources on campus and are having a difficult time transitioning from high school to college. Additionally, she connects with students who are also focused on professional development in school. Internships and jobs have been listed remotely, and she's eager to help other students about the search to land an internship/job by the summer while we juggle online schooling.

"I was able to get set up with Coffee Chats in less than 10 minutes, and I've heard nothing but compliments about how beautiful this scheduling site is compared to other apps and services. I've just had really fun coffee chats on Coffee Chats!"

Jennifer Tran

Why Jennifer Uses Coffee Chats?

Before Coffee Chats, Jennifer was using Doodle to try and coordinate a virtual coffee chat. This meant more work on her side and less time being able to actually help other students.

With Coffee Chats, Jennifer was able to create her own personalized page, and coming from a non-computer science background, she was able to personalize her site and go from idea to website in less than 10 minutes. In addition, Jennifer felt that the premade themes offered were aesthetically pleasing, and she consistently gets compliments on her site.

Jennifer also loves that Google Meets is automatically embedded in the Coffee Chat meeting links so extra emails to confirm meeting times and places are a thing of the past! Now she can help more students, faster, easier, and with a beautiful, personal website.

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