How this Founder runs her brand strategy & PR business with Coffee Chats

Michelle uses Coffee Chats to manage her digital presence without needing to know how to code.

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On a mission to build companies that make humans more harmonious with nature

Michelle Masek is a PR and Marketing leader with over 10 years of experience and is the founder and Principal behind Good Nature Ventures. With Good Nature Ventures, she helps founders & CEOs build and execute communications strategies that accelerate business in ways that can be felt and measured.

Humanity is faced with serious challenges that only nature knows how to solve so Michelle dedicates her time to building bio companies that measurably impact people & planet health — and the digital businesses that enable transformation in these areas.

"I like that Coffee Chats functionally acts like a Squarespace plus Calendly. My website requires minimal management, and I like that I can quickly update a client on my list through the dashboard feature."

Michelle Masek

Why Michelle Uses Coffee Chats?

Before Coffee Chats, Michelle used Squarespace to manage her website and nothing for my calendar scheduling. Without an easy way for current and prospective clients to view her availability, she was wasting hours on meeting coordination instead of actually focusing on growing business and delivering real impact.

After switching to Coffee Chats, she was able to quickly create a simple webpage that describes what she does, and Coffee Chats helped her unlock a calendar scheduling tool for people who want to book time with me through my website or the link in her email signature.

Now, Michelle is able to focus on her clients and Coffee Chats provides a steady stream of chats with new leads when she's ready to take on new clients.

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